About Tile Laminate Flooring

The wonderful thing about laminate flooring is that you can acheive the beauty of not only wood floors, but also tile and stone. Since tile and stone floors require mortar, grout, sealant, and a suitable plywood subfloor, they are very labor intensive to install. Laminate floors are glue-less and can be installed in a fraction of the time; thus, save you money on labor and materials. Laminate floors can be found with not only the look, but also the texture of real tile or stone. You can install laminate on any level in the house over concrete, plywood, or even existing vinyl or tile. Newer technology applied to board joints and fiberboard cores is improving laminate’s resistance to moisture damage; therefore, it is no longer unheard of to install laminate in kitchens and basements. The manufacturers of laminate design their products to have tightly locking joints. Some even give the board edges a wax coating to help keep water out of the core. Laminate, especially tile laminate, is seeing a increase in popularity. There are many fabulous tile laminate floors to choose from, for both residential and commercial applications, at Home Depot.


“Hooray for easy installation!” should be the motto printed on every laminate flooring box. A small area such as 200 square feet could take a two man crew a full week to install with a traditional ceramic tile floor. First the plywood subfloor must be clean and level. The the tiles, meaured and cut, must be laid down for a dry fitting with plastic spacers in between each. Then they have to be laid with wet mortar and given time to dry and set before being grouted. Finally, after the grout is dry it must be sealed and the sealant given time to dry.

Laminate on the other hand can be installed much more quickly. A small area, such as 200 square feet, can easily be installed within one day and be ready to walk on that evening. You can find popular tile designs or stone-like surfaces in laminate planks. Tile laminate can be installed over concrete or plywood. You can even pair it with a dry radiant system, for in floor heat. Some tile laminate products even include a sound reducing padding attached to the underside of the planks! Laminate is scratch and dent resistant and a perfect answer to many peoples’ flooring needs.


You will find that most tile laminate flooring costs between $1.00 and $5.00 per square foot. If you opt for a less expensive tile laminate, keep in mind that its durability wI’ll be not as great as a more expensive product. It will typically have a shorter warranty, have a thinner wear layer, and not have attached padding. You may choose to purchase underlayment padding separately and will need to factor that into you total budget. Other budget considerations are matching threshold transitions, tools, tape, and shoe moldings. Also, there is contractor labor to consider. Contractor prices vary greatly, from contractor to contractor and from region to region. For assitance in calculating your whole estimated project cost, check out InstallationCalculator.com’s laminate flooring cost calculator.