About Timber Laminate Flooring

Timber laminate is the term Austrailians commonly use for wood laminate flooring. Timber laminate mimics natural wood floors in appearance and feel, but can be a great deal less expensive than the genuine material. Laminate flooring is created by layers of manufactured materials covered with a photographic film of real wood planks.


installation of Timber laminate floor, just as with any laminate floor product, is quick and easy. The floating floor has interlocking planks which attach to themselves, rather than directly to the subfloor. Since you do not need to glue the planks to the subfloor or varnish the wood, you can use the floor immediately after installation with no drying time.


Costs for timber laminate flooring varies from retailer to retailer. Keep in mind, if you search for the key word “timber laminate flooring”‘ you will most likely find an Austrailian website, like Fowels.com. On most website retailers, the sales currancy will be most likely be Austrailian dollars and if you live outside the Austrailian continent, you will be facing some seriously expensive shipping costs. If you are a resident of the United States, you will do better to research “wood laminate flooring” and stick to state-side retailers. The cost of wood laminate floor can vary from under a dollar per square foot (see special bargains at Lumber Liquidators) to $8.00 per square foot for the laminate material. Other costs include foam underlayment, tools, and installation. For a comprehensive cost estimate, you can use InstallationCalculator.com’s laminate floor estimator.