Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is the best alternative for hardwood flooring and carpet flooring. Tiles usually give your floor natural feeling, and they are easy to maintain, highly durable and less costly as compared to stones. Tile flooring designs and colors are applicable in kitchen, bathroom, and any other section of your room depending where the color of the section is highlighted by window and flooring treatment. The color of the tiles varies on the lighting of your room and light settings. There are different types of tile flooring that include; wood tile flooring, ceramic tile flooring, porcelain tile flooring, travertine tile flooring and stone tile flooring.

Tile Flooring Costs

Its important when considering tile flooring for your home to get an estimation and compare the costs it with other flooring types.  The tile materials vary in cost, and are on par with other flooring materials, however installation tends to be more costly on average since there is so much work involved. InstallationCalculator.com has a great breakdown of how much tile floors cost.  For materials estimates you could get an estimate by clicking the link above, or estimate it yourself by checking out some online retailers like TileShop.com or Lowes.

Wood Tile Flooring

These tiles are made of hardwood that is strong enough. Wood tile flooring is made for most of the sections in your house. The can be made of different wood, and it is upon you to decide on the type of the wood tile you wish to buy.

Wood tile flooring is durable and strong enough. This means that it last for a long period of time and hence highly economical financially. Cleaning of the floor is not complicated since it is done by just using a broom to clean dust and solid particles on the top of it. It is advisable to avoid mopping the floor to prevent the wood from warping.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

It is made from the heating and cooling of natural clay among other minerals. The ceramic floor comes in different shapes, colors and texture to offer the desired feel and look. The material is exquisite for floors in bathroom and other sections like in the kitchen. The ceramic floor is strong and durable and is hence more cost effective because you do not need to have them installed on a regular basis. Cleaning and maintaining the level is very easy and can be done with very minimal skills.

Stone Tile Flooring

Stone tile flooring is made up of hard stone. The tiles come in different colors and designs. Due to its different colors and designs, the tile is very attractive and hence provides your room with a beautiful look. Stone tile flooring can be done in a variety of rooms including kitchen and bathroom. Its attractiveness will make people have people glued to the floor.

Travertine Tile Flooring

Travertine is a limestone of that is a byproduct of worldwide hot springs. Formation of travertine involves mixing of different components of the product producing different patterns. This results in travertine tile flooring of its kind.

It is mainly a mixture of limestone and natural stone and comes in golden, creamy or reddish colors. Its appealing colors make it attractive and hence suitable for indoor sections.

Porcelain Tile Flooring

This is a product of natural clay. It is created through heating redefined clay under very high temperatures. This leads results to the production of a material that is has a high-density floor tile, harder and with a high moisture resistance. The tile comes in different colors, sizes, and textures. This makes porcelain tile the best for choice for any style that you might need. Porcelain tile flooring is highly effective in bathrooms and any other place that experience damp conditions.

On the whole, there are many options out there for tile flooring.  It’s worth it to do some research, window shopping, cost estimation, and find out whether it is worth the additional labor costs to you to have tile flooring in your home.